Contouring Makeup In Dubai

Contouring Makeup In Dubai

Contouring makeup has been around since the 1960’s and has been used ever since. Each Arabic women likes the idea of being contoured and that’s fine if their features require it. Contouring is used to create an illusion. Most Arabic women want their cheekbones and noses to be contoured. When you are contouring generally speaking you need to use a product which is at least 2 shades darker than the foundation.


Contouring is done by either using something lighter or darker than their skin. To know what to shade is to super impose in your mind that you place an oval illusion on your face and anything that is left out of the oval shape should be shaded darker. For example an Arabic woman who has a round face you would shade all around the outside of her face revealing the oval shape which is lighter that the shade used for contouring.


It is easier to contour using powder products as it takes a lot of time to get it right using liquid or cream foundations, It is also hard to get a smooth effect trying to shade with a powder product onto a liquid.


Highlighting the top of the cheek bone is also a way to contour. By adding something shiny on the cheekbone gives the illusion the cheekbone is more prominent. Should you want a stronger effect then contour below the cheek bone using a pinky brown shading product. I like to use Dallas and Hoola by Benefit.


Contouring changes the appearance of the face structure. Usually Arabic women like to shade their noses and their cheekbones or if they have a square jaw line or a double chin and even a high forhead.


With contouring you have to remember that light gives the illusion of features popping out and contouring with darker tones will give the effect of receeding. So if you highlight the cheekbone then contour with your darker color the top of the cheekbone will be more prominent.


The end result of contouring is to create the illusion that the face is slimmer or more of an oval shape. Contouring is also done whilst applying eyeshadow that creates an effect that the eye is bigger and longer than it really is. Small eyes suit a smokey effect as it widens the eye all around whilst using light on the lid of the eye will bring out the eye. Contouring the eyes is the same methodology as light brings out and dark receeds. Contouring the eyes sometimes needs a darker color in the socket of the eye and then to add eyelashes is also a way of contouring the eye as it gives a lift, it gives volume and it gives length.