Wedding Makeup Artist

Sarah Baldry

Bridal Wedding Makeup Artist


Sarah Baldry has the reputation for being the most sought after Makeup Artist in the Middle East. Sarah has an extraordinary talent in applying makeup and inherited her artistic ability from her father.Sarah spent 17 years in the Middle East and acquired the reputation as the best wedding/ bridal makeup artist whose clients ranked from the Royal families to VIP clients as well.

Her wedding/ bridal makeup, which she was famous for was articulately applied with attention for detail. Her makeup looked soft and veil like so not looking like a mask of makeup.Sarah left the Middle East and has been known to fly over for her Royal clients for bridal/weddings.With over 3 decades in the industry of being a Makeup Artist Sarah’s product knowledge allows her to work with the best products and is at ease to face the most challenging of skin types.


Not only is sarah the best Makeup Artist for bridal/ weddings she has a long list of accolades under her belt for training Makeup Artists, and training staff for various cosmetic companies and leading teams of makeup Artists for fashion shows too.Sarah’s bridal/ wedding makeup is flawless and her attention to detail is unsurpassed.Sarah has relocated back to the UK and is a bridal/wedding makeup artist in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and London which makes her a Makeup Artist near you!


Sarah’s work has been featured in wedding and bridal magazines and through her career has acquired over 50 front covers of magazines.Sarah has been chosen to do makeup for international celebrities some of whom have been given Oscar’s for their work.Sarah is patient and her work is very clean and her work spans from word of mouth so that’s how she became a sought after Makeup Artist for the Royal families, some of whom have become life long friends.Because sarah is a very competent and talented Makeup Artist she doesn’t face challenges and just uses her gift to design beautiful wedding makeups whose clients don’t want to wash off later!


Sarah has worked in all sectors of beauty and fashion industry but soon became swamped with wedding clients and she travelled the Middle East to do bridal/wedding makeup.Before leaving the Middle East numerous clients requested Sarah to teach them how to do their own makeup as they didn’t want to risk their makeup being different to how she applied makeup.


Sarah Baldry is now the best Wedding Makeup Artist near you!