Professional Mobile Makeup Artist

Sarah Baldry is the best Makeup Artist Wiltshire, UK and is a very talented renowned international celebrity Makeup Artist whose career has spanned nearly three decades. Sarah’s career has taken her from London, Europe and Russia to settle in the UAE, where she has been based for the past 16 years. Sarah’s work has been featured in most UK magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, as well as many international top-stable publications including French Vogue and Vogue Italia, to name but a few.

Letters of Recommendation

Royal Recommendation Letter


Mobile Makeup Services

Bridal Makeup

Delivering the most beautiful version of yourself through flawless application of make up giving you a stunning natural or red carpet look.

Events & Parties

Application of make up that has been personally designed to fit the requirements of the theme or the nature of the event.

Fashion Shows
& Photoshoots

Designing make up looks required by the designers or make up for models understanding color and black and white photography.


Understanding the personal needs of a client and training to achieve a natural look and a red carpet look. Training make up artists.


Private consultations for clients to understand face shape and products. Personal make up shopping available.