Arabic Wedding/Bridal Makeup In Dubai

Arabic Wedding/Bridal Makeup In Dubai

Wedding/Bridal makeup should be a flawless effect and an effect that makes the bride look the most beautiful she has ever looked while maintaining her features so she still looks like herself. It shouldn’t be a makeup that changes a person, but a makeup that makes her look her best on this special day.


I advise Arabic brides here in Dubai or anywhere to exfoliate their skin a week before as skin renews itself every 28 days and if the skin is not exfoliated or scrubbed then old layers of skin will of built up leaving the surface of the skin uneven and dull. Ensure it is done a week before just incase of any irritation. The best way to exfoliate the skin is to use table salt and olive oil that you mix together and then using circular motions go all over the face and next and this will lift off old skin leaving the surface of the skin very smooth.


Make up application on an Arabic Bride should look flawless. There is no rule as to what style of makeup should be done as this all depends on the features of the Bride and the effect the Bride wishes to have so it’s a personal touch yet with an artistic approach.


Arabic Wedding or Bridal makeup has to last for hours so blending and blending of makeup is pivotal as this makes the make up stay for hours.


The most natural bridal makeup on a bride will depend on the color of her eyes and her bone structure. When you use an eye shadow the same color as the eyes this will be the most natural look. Once you move away from the same color of eyes shadow it automatically becomes more noticeable.


Arabic Wedding or Bridal makeup needs to be applied a little bit stronger as the lights that are bright tend to bleach out at least a quarter of the makeup application and any soft blending seems to fade away.

Arabic Wedding or Bridal makeup is a personal feel as has to do with the character and confidence of the Bride.


Some Brides want a dewy skin whilst other want a velvety matte effect. This is achieved by either using liquid foundation or a flawless velvety powder foundation and you are aiming for the make up to stay at least 12 hours.


Contouring the face is primal. Brides like to show their high cheek bones or to shade their noses. If you super impose an oval egg shape onto your face then any extra skin left over needs to be darkened so that the oval effect stands out more and is more symmetrical.


When you use a waterproof eye shadow base you be assured your eyes shadow will stay put. I like to use Benefits Stay Don’t Stray.


Some Brides like strong lips whilst other like a softer tone. Again it’s all down to features and confidence.


Eyelashes are used in most makeups these days and add extra volume and a lift to the eyes so you will see this a lot in the Middle East.


Eyeliner in most cases is still wildly used but makeup in the Middle East is becoming left out to achieve a more natural European too.


Depending on you eye shape I would explain to the client, as a professional makeup artist in Dubai, what would best and offer her a trial it her own time.


Contouring the face is only used when you wish to change the appearance. Most Brides want contouring to highlight their cheekbone, then you can darken the underneath the cheek bone diving the desired effect of slimmer cheeks or just highlighting. This is when you want a more structured appearance.


So don’t be afraid at trying yourself or make appointment today with me, the best British bridal makeup artist in Dubai so you can relax on the day or think about having a unique experience with me to train to you properly!